Welcome to The Rotary Club of Edgware and Stanmore District 1130 London Website

The Rotary Club of Edgware and Stanmore has adhered to the Rotary International objective of encouraging and fostering the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise with ‘Service above Self’ as the principal motto since 1930. 

Our club is currently in its 93rd year, strengthened and enriched by the mix of members in age, profession, culture, gender and ethnicity.

Diversity of membership and skills has enabled us continuously develop, undertake and support national and international community based projects; engaging young people develop vocational and academic skills and establish personal, professional and business relationships..

The Rotary International Presidential theme this year  is ‘Imagine Rotary’ and we aim , as do Rotary Clubs worldwide to further enrich our lives and communities we serve as well as celebrate the satisfaction of voluntarily ‘giving back ‘ to society.  

To enable us achieve our goals, we are always looking for new members to become a part of our club family. To this end, I hope that the information provided in this website will inspire you to join us in our journey

We are currently holding two lunchtime meetings each month and one meeting in the evening to which all Rotarians and visitors are welcome. Please see the "Where and When" page for details of who to contact for joining information.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website.

To see the London District Site, go to www.rotarygbi.org

To see Rotary International Website, go to www.rotary.org


For more information please contact suresh.bharwaney@gmail.com