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Club Lunch Rota




January 3rd

Money                 David King

Host                    Nandini Varma

Object                 Sonia Hirsh


January 10th

Money                Suresh Bharwaney

Host                    Peter Bradley

Object                 Harold Charles


January 17th

Money                   Max Elliman

Host                      Michael Daniels

Object                   Freddiue Haas


January 24th

Money                   Leonard Specterman

Host                      Selwyn Foreman

Object                   Gavar Nathoo


January 31st

Money                   Maragret Matchett

Host                       Jack Lynes

Object                    Nandini Varma


February 7th

Money                   Roinnie Heymann

Host                       Ronald Preston

Object                    Ron Shelley


February 14th

Money                    David King

Host                       Leonard Specterman

Object                    Nandini Varma


February 21st

Money                    Freddie Haas

Host                        Mike Turner

Object                     Andrew Worley


February 28th

Money                      Mrinal Choudhury

Host                         Peter Bradley

Object                      Ann Butler

















Please advise Mike Turner  of intending absence or of guests by latest  5'00pm on the day before a meeting (preferably by e-mail) and arrange  substitute if unable to carry out your duty.  

 If you are unable to cover the assigned duty please find a substitute and advise the secretary and webmaster.

This is now the only official list of duties